Hey babes! As you probably noticed on my social networks, I joined Tummy Tea Tox girls, to be one of the first to try their products. I got a lot of questions about it, so if you’re one of those who is now sure about what Tummy Tea Tox actually is, and if it’s the right fit for you keep on reading! 🙃  So let’s start with what Tummy Tea Tox is and what it isn’t.

Tummy Teatox is not just a pile of products that will help to magically lose weight and change your life! It’s much more than that. It’s the whole program which helps you be the best version of yourself, feeling good and energized. Losing a few kilos is just a bonus. In the package you get 5 product which I’l discuss later on, food guidelines, exercise schedule and unlimited support from Tummy Tea Tox team. The whole program lasts 20 days and it’s divided in to two parts.

On the fist 10 days you start with drinking Daily Kick & Sleep Tight tea, which helps you to wake you up in the morning, and get the optimal regeneration while you sleep. You also start following the food guidelines and workout schedule, which are both pretty simple, so not to worry 😉

The second 10 days are when the things get real. Next to your tea you start eating Happy Enzymes and Slimbiotics with your three main meals, and get to drink tasty Berry Cleanse dring as a snack. Now at first I was a bit confused what all the it’s but everything is well explained in the Guide you get with the package.

Enzymes helps your system to break your food to smaller parts for easier digestion, and Probiotics (Slimbiotics) are bacteria that keep your digestive system in good health.  Berry Cleanse is a drink full of antioxidants that will help with your cleanse.

So now you now what Tummy Tea Tox actually is and now it’s time to tell you why I love it:

  • It comes in a pretty box, but it’ more than just a pretty face 😉
  • All the products taste really good- well the one’s that have a flavour. My favourites are Daily Kick Tea and Sleep Tight Tea.
  • I love the idea of detoxing before summer
  • I feel much more energized, which was my main goal
  • I love morning and evening tea routine
  • It doesn’t give you any false promises-  the results depends on you, but it’s some much easier with a help of a great products
  • It became a whole community which I love being a part of.
  • You get yummy and healthy recipes in your guide

So If you’re struggling with purchase I hope this helps! Has any of you already try it? Let me know your thoughts in comments:)

P.S  Some amazing Slovenian bloggers also wrote about it😉  Check out their posts: ABS STYLE, TINA RAKUŠ, LOVE, EVA, ALYSSA’S,  LEPA AFNA 🙂




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