I’ve been reading a lot about people going on “digital detox” lately. By digital detox they usually mean turning off all the devices for different periods of time. It can be one hour every day, one day a week, maybe a whole week? Since people do it for different reasons, mine is that I have a very tired eyes. Blogging can be so much fun, but being glued to some kind of digital thingy almost always, can be a little bit to much. My wish is to stop using phone/computer/TV right before sleepy time, since this is a me time, and It really doesn’t matter who posted what on instagram, who said what on Facebook and so on. I’ve try that for several nights now, and it’s making wonders.

I usually watch series on my computer until I fall asleep, since I really need a long time to fall asleep, but on the other hand I’m pretty sure my sleeping problems are all about using computer right before bed time. Those few nights that I turned off my digital friends before sleep, were amazing. I had so many thoughts right before falling asleep, I even wrote a few blog posts in my mind, got so many ideas and really got some time to think about my life in general. Amazing how such a little habit killed so many interesting thoughts.

So I’m not claiming anyone should give up on their digital toys, but I think everyone needs a digital detox from time to time. Here are three reasons why:


We can easily get carried away by chatting on different kind of messengers, and loose touch with our close ones. I mean It’s amazing that you can report everything to your friends in real time, but then what is left to talk about on your meet ups? I really hate when I go to grab a cup of coffee and the other person is on their phone all the time (I admit I do it sometimes too). So this is a good reason why you should put off the phone when you are hanging out with your friends/family/boyfriend.  Take time to talk to them, hang out with them, and forget about you phone, instagram, pinterest, messenger, vine, snapchat, povio…


As I said before, using digital devices non-stop, using 100 apps at the same time can distress you mind. Don’t let you brilliant ideas get lost during switching from app to app or from channel to channel. Although having your phone on you all the time can help to write all of  your brilliant ideas in your notes, but writing it down to paper feels so much better, and a bit more real.


Does it ever happens to you that you are working on a project, trying out a new recipe or do your home work, and you just can’t concentrate on it? It’s probably because during the task you checked your twitter,facebook, instagram, pinterest,you mail hundreds of times…

What do you think about digital detox? Have you tried it? I can’t imagine turning everything off for a week, but hope I will my evening series marathons for a good book or two 🙂



P.S I’ve been a bad blogger lately, but It’s time to get back on track again. I PROMISE 🙂


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