As some of you might know I spent the beginning of my week lying in bed sick. So that give me lots of lots of time to do some window shopping and fill up my wish lists to the top. I even found so many Christmas appropriate gifts, but I promised myself that there will be absolutely NO Christmas posts before December. I will even wait for seeing Christmas lights in Ljubljana until the 1.12!!:D Maybe I’m a bit crazy. Anyways, since I’m not sharing the gift guide with you just yet, here is my BIG Shein wish list. I found so many amazing stuff, so I hope if I stare at these photos long enough, they will just magically show up in my closet haha. Since the prices are amazing and they have some cool Black Friday discounts for a few more days, I sure will get something from this list.

What about you? Maybe it’s time to treat yourself just a little 😉

Which are your favorite pieces? I’m sooo drooling over THIS COAT,THIS BAG AND THESE SHOES







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